Communication made to make life more safe and efficient.

Remember the days when the phone rang and you didn’t know who it was? Maybe it was the company you always dreamt of working for, or the hospital trying to tell you someone close to you got sick, or maybe just a stubborn guy trying to sell you something. Dalele was born out of this uncertainty. We wanted to make it possible for you to know who’s trying to contact you, and also tell you when not to pick up. We want to remove all uncertainty and separate the important stuff from the noise. Below are the benefits you’ll get from Dalele:

Caller ID

Identify unknown numbers, spam or companies calling before picking up! See the true identity of each incoming call anywhere in the world - landline, mobile or pre-paid!

Spam Blocking

Block numbers and auto-block telemarketers and robocalls. Our community reports numbers in real time so everyone is always protected against unwanted calls.

Intelligent dialer

Always call the right people! Dial your friends, family and identify the names of unknown numbers as you dial!

Chat, SMS and Calls

No need to switch to other apps. Dalele helps you manage all your communication.

Organized and spam-free Inbox

Keep your inbox clean from unwanted SMS.

Multiple themes

Choose the color theme that best fits your personality!


Safe, secure instant payments and bank account management.

Record phone calls**

Save important call recordings to your phone.

* India only
** Premium feature, not available on Android 9

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